Q is for quicker, higher-quality audits.

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Usable by any accounting firm, CaseWare Q is a groundbreaking tool that will improve audit quality and efficiency across all engagements, while making it easier than ever to meet firm and professional standards.


Q is comprehensive

Now you can review and monitor all engagements across your firm in one convenient location, resulting in unprecedented firm-wide gains in audit quality, tracking and efficiency.

Q has you covered

With 30 built-in engagement signals, Q brings out the issues that need your attention the most. What’s more, Q keeps a watchful eye on your overall audit progress, alerting you early in the process when you veer off track or in the wrong direction.

Q is accessible

Combining CaseWare Cloud, Working Papers and one of our Audit solutions, Q provides convenient, anywhere access through any web-enabled device.

Q provides powerful reporting

Q makes it easy to produce custom views and reports based on real-time engagement data. Now you have access to unique and valuable perspectives that were not possible before, all through any web-enabled device.

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